To Own a Dragon


Donald Miller and I are so alike… I just love reading him because the way he says things, his sense of humor, and so much of his personality and feelings I can identify with so closely it is almost like he is my own personal ghost writer.

In fact, the first time I read Blue Like Jazz, I was actually a little upset because it was pretty much the exact book that I had hoped to write (only better).

To Own a Dragon is Miller’s thoughts on growing up without a dad, how it has effected him spiritually (among other things), and how as an adult he can use those experiences for good, rather than allowing them to own him.

Even though the book is written for men who have grown up (or are growing up) without a father, it offers just as much joy and value to those of us who have.

I especially identified with the chapter where he discusses the concept of “manhood.” I quite often feel like a 15-yr-old trapped in a 30-something’s body (ok, maybe I have a 15-yr-old’s body… but you get the point), and just within the past year have been trying to figure out what it really means to be a man… and every time someone mentions Wild at Heart,  I imagine that if I read it I (like Donald Miller) would most likely want to chuck it across the room.

(don’t fret, John Eldridge lovers… after a period of growth that very book was quite valuable to him and he recommends it)

As he describes sitting in the “men’s” Bible study group where the guys share hunting stories and make metaphorical life-lesson analogies about football and action movies, I was laughing out loud because I knew exactly what he was talking about.

If you prefer books that give you the “3 Steps to ….” or promise growth or success if you do this or pray that… or only use big sober words to discuss spirituality…

you’ll probably hate this book.

I liked it a lot.