Traverse City Walk for Autism

Northwest Michigan Autism Walk

I’ve been involved with the Northwest Michigan Autism Resource Network for the past 4 years.

The tricky part about an autism community/support group is that everyone is so busy with their own kids (babysitters are rarely an option) that meetings are difficult and volunteer involvement has to be spread thin across a lot of people.

I wish I could be involved more, but the least I can do is create some cool designs for ARN from time to time…

(like the logo and the art-show poster and a few other pieces)

This year I got to do this super-fun poster for our first Autism walk fundraiser that features some iconic halloweenie costume characters.

(and for some reason reminds me of that Neil Young lyric “Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and me”)

Help us out!

I’m trying to raise $500 for my Autism Walk team. ARN has been such a great resource to me over the past few years and I would love to help them do more for the NW Michigan community.

If you’ve enjoyed the writing or illustration or whatever on Strong Odors and you’d like to show your appreciation, would you consider supporting us in this event?

Just visit the ARN website to donate via PayPal and mention “team Gideon” in the comments section.


Join Us

Do you live in or around Traverse City? How about Petoskey or Benzonia or another northwest Michigan town?

Come on out on October 30th and walk for autism! You can download the registration form and support-raising forms on their website.

See you there!

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    1. @Greg – the ARN held it’s annual open house this past week. i’m not sure of any other fundraiser/awareness events in the area this month though.

      did you have something in mind?

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