One Great Folk Song

One Great Folk Song To Save Them All

We need a song right now. Even a chorus might have the power to bring us all together. When fear and greed and self-preservation are our greatest values, everything and everyone “other” becomes either a commodity or a casualty. If we continue to shout and not hear, if we continue to exclude, if we continue to hate, if we continue …

Cleveland Indians Racist Logo

There’s No Racism in Baseball

Yesterday I posted a super-racist image on Facebook.

I knew I probably shouldn’t, and I didn’t really want to.

I felt I had to do something to demonstrate just how racist the Cleveland Indians red man logo is

Respect Native Americans

Respect Natives

My good friend T.C. Worley recently visited North Dakota to see for himself the protests surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline and hopefully capture some photos from what may be the largest gathering of Native Americans in over 100 years. And he did, in fact, manage to take what I believe to be the most beautiful and important photo of his …

Tweet is Just the Tip

Tweeting, posting, saying #blacklivesmatter is a good thing. But just the very tip of an iceberg of action that must happen for real change. What can be done? What are some actions people can take to chip away at this enormous problem?